Sunday, June 14, 2015

Common maintenance parts for Cub Cadet Z Force S60 riding mower

Below are the part numbers for some common maintenance parts for the Cub Cadet Z Force S60 riding mower, along with their current prices on  At the bottom of the list are links to the owner's manual and replacement parts list for the Z Force S60.

- Spark plug:  Cub Cadet part #759-3336, Champion part #RC12YC$4.75
      (gapped to 0.030" per the Kawasaki engine manual)

- Air filter:  Cub Cadet/MTD/Kohler part #KH-32-083-06-S$14.99

- Air filter pre-cleaner:  Cub Cadet/MTD/Kohler part #KH-32-083-08-S$3.99

- Fuel filter:  Cub Cadet/MTD/Kohler part #KH-25-050-22-S$5.99

- Oil filter:  Cub Cadet/MTD/Kohler part #KH-52-050-02-S$9.19

Some of the parts listed above qualify for free shipping.

- Cub Cadet Z Force S60 owner's manual
- Cub Cadet Z Force S60 parts list

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