Saturday, March 17, 2018

Echo CLM-58V lawn mower replacement blade

A replacement 21" blade for an Echo 58-volt lawn mower (CLM-58V series) can be hard to find.  Echo lists the part number as 681938001, for mower models CLM-58V4AHCV, CLM-58V4AH and CLM-58VBT.

Gardner Inc sells that blade for $21.99Jack's Small Engines lists it for $19.99, but describes it as a Homelite blade (though it's the correct part number).

According to Home Depot, ALB-58V is also a valid part number for that blade, and they sell it for $19.97Handy Store also sells that part number, for the same $19.97 price.

Outside of those four vendors, you might not have much luck finding a replacement blade.  Amazon doesn't currently offer it (under either part number) and eReplacementParts has a listing for it, but says it's "not available for retail sale."

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

13 more lawn mower manuals added

13 more lawn mower owner's manuals, parts lists and service manuals were added recently, for the following brands:

- Craftsman: 1 lawn mower owner's manual, 1 lawn mower parts manual
- Husqvarna: 3 lawn mower parts manuals
- Qualcast: 3 lawn mower assembly manuals
- Scotts: 1 lawn mower owner's manual
- Toro: 1 lawn mower owner's manual, 1 lawn mower parts manual, 2 lawn mower service manuals

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Briggs & Stratton 799579 foam air filter online price comparison

The Briggs & Stratton 799579 foam air filter fits Briggs & Stratton engines in the 550e and 550ex series, among others.  Below are some current online prices for this OEM air filter.

- Jacks Small Engines:   $3.99
-   $4.79
- Walmart:   $4.94
- Amazon:   $5.70
- Home Depot:   $5.87
- MTD Parts:   $6.17
- Sears:   $6.99
- Equipatron:   $7.12
- Newegg:   $7.99