Thursday, October 11, 2012

Qualcast mower manuals

Current Qualcast lawn mower manuals can be downloaded from the Qualcast website (link temporarily down).  Some are also listed below, along with older models such as the B1 and the Commodore.  Manuals for mowers branded as Atco-Qualcast can be found in the Atco section.

Some of these manuals, because of the way they were scanned in, have the first page (the cover page) at the end of the manual instead of the beginning.

Unfortunately, the Qualcast website is currently down.  Replacement links for some of the manuals above have already been found and updated, and more will be updated as they are discovered.

Owner's manuals:
- Qualcast Classic Electric 30 / 30 S / 35 S / Windsor 12 S / Windsor 14 S QX Electric Cylinder Mower (link temporarily down)
Qualcast Classic Petrol 35 S / 43 S Cylinder Mower (link temporarily down)
Qualcast Cobra 32 (link temporarily down)
Qualcast Commodore 14" Motor Mower
Qualcast CPM 35 87cc Petrol Cylinder Mower
Qualcast Easi Trak 32 (link temporarily down)
Qualcast Easi-lite 28 / Easi-lite 30 Quiet Lawn Mower (link temporarily down)
Qualcast Elan 32 / Concorde 32
- Qualcast HQ-PM48S 48cm Petrol Self Propelled Lawn Mower
Qualcast Lawnraker 32 (link temporarily down)
- Qualcast M2E1232M 1200W Electric Rotary Mower
Qualcast Model B1 Lawn Mower
Qualcast Model E Lawn Mower
Qualcast Model E.1 Lawn Mower
Qualcast Petrol / Rotary 16 / 18 Lawn Mower
Qualcast Power-Trak 34 / Power-Trak 400 Electric Lawn Mower (link temporarily down)

Assembly manuals:
- Qualcast XSZ46R 46cm Petrol Self Propelled Lawn Mower
- Qualcast XSZ53C-SD-E 53cm Key Start Self Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower
- Qualcast XYM188-2BSJE 56cm Petrol Self Propelled Lawn Mower


  1. Homebase has hi-jacked your link - and it is really aggravating!

  2. Hi Richard-

    Thanks for letting me know! It looks like the Qualcast site was hosted by Homebase and is currently down for some reason. I've found alternate links for a couple of those manuals listed here and updated those links, and I'll update more of them as I come across other sources for the manuals.