Saturday, September 1, 2012

Makita mower manuals

Makita makes many things, from power tools to lawn mowers.  You can get owner's manuals and parts lists for many models on Makita's Canadian website, and owner's manuals for some models on Makita's Romanian site.  On the Canadian site, you can search or browse the list of manuals, but on the Romanian site you'll have to find your model in the list of products, then view its description in order to get the link to the owner's manual, and manuals aren't listed for every mower.  (The Romanian site is displayed in Romanian, but many web browsers have the ability to translate a website into just about any language.)

Some Makita manuals are listed below, along with parts lists for some models.

Instruction manuals:
- Makita BLM430 / LM430D Cordless Lawn Mower (885081A229)
- Makita BLM430 / LM430D Cordless Lawn Mower (885081A976)
Makita BLM430 / LM430D Cordless Lawn Mower (885081B990)
- Makita ELM3310 / ELM3710 Electric Lawn Mower
- Makita LM2350 / LM2850 Electric Lawn Mower
- Makita PLM4110 / PLM4610 Petrol Lawn Mower
- Makita UM401DW 16" Cordless Lawn Mower (English)
- Makita UM401DW 16" Cordless Lawn Mower (multilingual)
- Makita XML02 Cordless Lawn Mower

Spare parts lists:
- Makita PLM4100 / PLM4101 / PLM4600 / PLM4601 / PLM4602 / PLM4603 / PLM5100 / PLM5101 / PLM4810 / PLM4811 / PLM4812 / PLM4813 / PLM4814 / PLM5110 / PLM5111 / PLM5112 Lawn Mower
- Makita XML02Z Cordless Lawn Mower

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