Friday, August 31, 2012

Wheel Horse manuals

If you need a Wheel Horse manual, you can try downloading it from, but the site currently isn't loading.  Another site with some Wheel Horse manuals is, or you could join the Wheel Horse Tractor Manuals Yahoo! group to find older Wheel Horse manuals.  Some Wheel Horse manuals are also listed below.

Operator's manuals:
- Wheel Horse 42" Side Discharge Mower (for 78345 Classic Garden Tractor)
- Wheel Horse B Series / C Series / D Series Tractor
- Wheel Horse B Series / C Series Tractor

Parts manuals:
- Wheel Horse C Series

Service manuals:
- Wheel Horse A Series (1980-1983) / B Series (1980-1983) / C Series (1978-1983) [electrical service manual]
- Wheel Horse B Series / C Series / D Series Garden Tractor

Other documentation:
- Wheel Horse tractor master model list

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