Sunday, September 16, 2012

iPhone/iPad lawn mower apps

In an earlier post, I listed a bunch of Android apps that could be useful for lawn mower repair and use.  Apple doesn't have quite as much to offer in the way of iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch apps, but there are some.  A few are listed below.  Unlike Android apps, most Apple apps won't be free.

- My Automower (Free)

If you own or use a Husqvarna Automower, this app will allow you to control the robot mower from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.  You can start or stop the mower, see its status, or view its location using Google Maps.  You can even check the slope of your lawn with this app.

- Gas & Oil ($0.99)

This app can come in handy for anyone with a 2-stroke engine.  You can calculate gas and oil mixtures -- either by inputting the amount of gas and calculating the oil, or by inputting the amount of oil and calculating the gas.  You can also save this information for your equipment (along with a photo) and even store maintenance history in the app.  Could be well worth the 99 cents.

- Gas/Oil Mix Calculator (Free)

Like the app described above, this one also calculates gas and oil mixtures for 2-stroke engines.  However, this one does not offer all of the storage capabilities of the previous app (but it is free).

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