Sunday, July 1, 2012

Android apps for lawn mower repair

Below are some Android smart phone and tablet apps that can be useful to anyone who does their own lawn mower repair.

- Push Mower Diagnostics - Lite (Free)

Push Mower Diagnostics is an app that can help you troubleshoot and diagnose lawn mower problems.  This is the free (lite) version -- if you like the app and want more detail and more information, you can purchase the full version for $1.29, which also includes links for looking up parts.

- Lawn Mower Forum (Free)

This app is a mobile version of  Members of the forum can log in and read or post messages, and non-members can register for the site through the app.  This forum has sections for Small Engine & Mower Repair and Build-it Yourself, as well as specific threads for individual mower makes.

- Nuts & Bolts (Free)

This app won't be as useful on a regular basis, but it may come in handy when you need it.  You can use the app to look up different screw and drill sizes, for both inches and metric.

- Gas/Oil Mix Calculator (Free)

For 2-stroke engines, this app can calculate the amount of gas and oil that you need to mix together for your engine.  Works for both metric and U.S. measurements.

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