Saturday, June 23, 2012

Why lawn mower tune-up kits are a good value

A tune-up can keep your mower running efficiently, or can restore lost power and make the engine run smoother.  Typically, a tune-up consists of a new spark plug, new air filter, engine oil, and possibly a new fuel filter.  If your mower/tractor has an oil filter, that's probably included as well.

Many manufacturers sell OEM tune-up kits or maintenance kits that include some or all of the necessary parts for a tune-up.  These kits are usually cheaper than buying all the different parts separately, so you can save money by purchasing one of these tune-up kits.  Below are links to some mower and engine manufacturers' tune-up kits.

- Briggs & Stratton tune-up kits
Craftsman tune-up kits
- DR maintenance kits
- John Deere home maintenance kits

Other companies also put together tune-up kits, including Champion.  Many of the tune-up kits mentioned here -- and more -- can be found for sale on Amazon or from other lawn mower parts retailers.

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